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Welcome to The Crown Award.

We promise that, during your time here at Kingsmeadow School, you will have the opportunity to take part in every activity listed here. If you choose to take part in the full and active life of Kingsmeadow School then you will be awarded with The Crown Award - levels Bronze, Silver and Gold.

In order to achieve the award you must complete as many of the activities listed as you can. Once you have completed the activity you tick it off on this webpage, and add a comment as to how you achieved that activity and what you learnt from it. You can only use an activity for a single item to tick off, not for multiple sections.

Your tutor will check what you have input and sign it off . Once you have completed four activities from each section then you will qualify for the The Crown Award - Bronze level. After this, you can start working towards Silver and Gold.

Good luck, and enjoy it!

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