The Pastoral Department is coordinated by our Assistant Headteacher in charge of Engagement and Wellbeing  (Mrs Richardson) who is supported by a Head of Standards for Key Stage 3 (Mr Bolam), a Head of Standards for Key Stage 4 (Mrs Robson). They in turn are supported by an Assistant Head of Standards for Key Stage 3 (Mr Overend) and Assistant Head of Standards for Key Stage 4 (Mrs Cash).

These members of staff have been selected to ensure that appropriate support is given to students in establishing good learning habits to ensure they have a successful time in school.

The Assistant Headteacher in charge of Engagement and Wellbeing has an overall responsibility for the operation of the pastoral care policy and has an overview on all student matters.

The Head of Standards is the lead for all standards in Kingsmeadow across year groups 7-11.

Working alongside these staff are the school Support Zone Team, who deal in the first instance with any student referrals and decide on the treatment for each individual case (based on medical or behavioural needs etc.).

The Support Zone Team also provide on-call support to staff and conduct regular standards walks to ensure our students are adhering to our Attitude to Learning policy. 

Any queries should be initially directed through the Support Zone. If parents/carers need to contact their son/daughter during the course of the day they should contact the main office. Students who need to contact their parents during the course of the day should go to the Support Zone.

Students are all expected to carry a bag to school, to ensure they are equipped with the resources they will need throughout the day. Students are also given the opportunity to use a locker to store their personal possessions during the day. Lockers should be accessed outside of lesson time.

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