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The Humanities department at Kingsmeadow Community School consists of a number of subject specialisms including History, Geography, Religious Studies, Sociology and Psychology. The common aim of the faculty is to develop students’ knowledge and understanding of the world and society, both past and present.  Natural curiosity is encouraged and students are given the opportunity to practise a wide range of skills within the various subject areas, developing the ability to critically analyse a wide range of information.



In Year 7 and Year 8, students work across the disciplines of History, Geography and Religious Studies by completing a wide range of bespoke projects which form the Project Based Learning curriculum. Beliefs And World Views form an integral part of the curriculum at Key Stage 3, allowing students to explore the views and beliefs held by religious and non-religious groups in the context of their project study.


This gives students the opportunity to learn in a format which encourages independent inquiry to address driving questions that draw on the skills, knowledge and understanding of all three subject areas in order to find solutions to real world problems.


The development of personal skills such as collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking play a central part of the curriculum as we aim to prepare students for life outside of the school gates in a rapidly changing society.




At Key Stage 4, students are able to select the subject specialism that they wish to study for GCSE, with options to study History, Geography, Religious Studies and Sociology. Students build on the skills and content studied at Key Stage 3.


The Key Stage 4 curriculum also continues to build upon the Beliefs and World Views referred to in Key Stage 3, with this element delivered during extended tutor time. Areas of study include religious views and practices along with moral issues and questions.




Students are given a broad choice of subjects to study within the Humanities Faculty at A-Level, with selections made from History, Geography, Sociology and Psychology. The range of subjects offered to students as part of the Humanities Faculty allows students to pursue their interests at a higher academic level and present a wide range of opportunities for further study or access to a number of employment avenues.

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