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In science we aim to forge positive connections with pupils, so they can achieve independence, self confidence and scientific academic knowledge. In science we aim to develop well rounded pupils, who are resilient and capable of adapting in an ever changing globalised world. In science we want to inspire pupils in lessons by linking the science curriculum to relevant real world experiences.



In year 7 - 9 pupils build on the concepts covered at KS2.  Science is split into discrete subjects: biology, chemistry and physics.  Pupils follow an interwoven science curriculum in which they regularly revisit the same topics from different perspectives in a single academic year.  This is continued on a yearly basis throughout KS3, where pupils return to topics in order to improve depth and breadth.  Pupils will be introduced to new skills with regards to practical work in a lab.  In year 7 pupils receive a practical introduction on how to be safe in a lab.  Again pupils build on these skills each year in order to be more self reliant by the end of KS3


At Kingsmeadow community school biology, chemistry, and physics are core subjects and compulsory for all pupils at KS4.   We follow the AQA exam board and offer a variety of entries for the final exams.  All pupils in year 10 follow the separate science specification and they will have the opportunity to continue this through until the end of year 11.  Pupils use the practical skills gathered in KS3 to describe, explain and analyse the required practicals which are compulsory at GCSE level.  At the end of the course these practical activities will make up some of the questions posed in the exam.



Our A level students can study all three disciplines: biology, chemistry and physics.  These students often move onto university degrees or higher level apprenticeships.  Students begin by linking complex GCSE concepts to new more advanced ideas.  In a similar design to GCSE, there are chosen required practical activities to complete.  However at A level there are competency checks with regards to practical skills.

Pipetting Samples and Test Tube


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