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At Kingsmeadow Sixth Form, we offer a broad range of A Level subjects and some vocational subjects. We encourage the students from as early as year 8 to think about the subjects they wish to undertake at GCSE and potentially progress onto post-16.  The students are given guidance throughout their GCSEs to ensure they make the right choice to suit their interest, ability, and future career plans. 


Below are the courses which Kingsmeadow can offer:



Please see below for subject entry requirements and course information.


How do I choose which subjects to study in the sixth form?


Step 1: You need to think about the grades you achieved, or expect to achieve at GCSE. Do these fulfill the entry requirements? (see below for further information).


Step 2: Which subjects are you interested in? Data shows that students achieve better in the subjects they are interested in.


Step 3: Discuss with your teachers your potential to study this subject. Your teachers can offer you guidance on your grade expectations and other useful information. 


Step 4: Think about your career plans and work backwards; which university course will you need? Which subjects are required at A Level to undertake this university course? How many UCAS points will you need for this university course? Which subjects will you likely give you these UCAS points? Contact the sixth form team if you need any support with this.

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