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The History department is committed to ensuring that all students make excellent progress in History through experiencing excellent teaching which engages them and motivates them to work hard and succeed.  As a department we seek to build our students transferable skills and intellectual curiosity, along with raising students' awareness about the past and its legacies.  We want to challenge all our students to think about and be inspired by history and their history lessons, to foster a love of learning. Most of all we want the history department in Kingsmeadow to be a place where students enjoy their learning. 



In Year 7 and 8 students follow an exciting, immersive and rigorous curriculum of Project Based Learning which incorporates all of the Humanities subjects including Geography and History.​




The students study Edexcel History GCSE and the aims and objectives of this qualification are to enable students to: 

● develop and extend their knowledge and understanding of specified key events, periods and societies in local, British, and wider world history; and of the wide diversity of human experience 

● engage in historical enquiry to develop as independent learners and as critical and reflective thinkers 

● develop the ability to ask relevant questions about the past, to investigate issues critically and to make valid historical claims by using a range of sources in their historical context 

● develop an awareness of why people, events and developments have been accorded historical significance and how and why different interpretations have been constructed about them 

● organise and communicate their historical knowledge and understanding in different ways and reach substantiated conclusions.




AQA A-level History qualification has been designed to help students understand the significance of historical events, the role of individuals in history and the nature of change over time. The qualification will help them to gain a deeper understanding of the past through political, social, economic and cultural perspectives. The engaging topics available to them throughout the course will provide them with the knowledge and skills they require to succeed as AS and A-level historians.

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