Students in year 7 and 8 have two hours of Physical Education per week.

Practical performance is assessed formally six times a year (every half term) where students receive a BDSE (Beginning, Developing, Secure, Excellence) grade for each activity taught based on their performance.  At the end of the year students receive an overall BDSE grade which comes from the average of their six grades.

In practical lessons students are taught practical skills, rules and regulations as well as learning about the importance of warming up, cooling down, the effects of exercise on the body, muscle names, types of sports injuries and the importance of leading a healthy active lifestyle in preparation for KS4 Examination PE.


YEAR 9, 10 AND 11

Core Physical Education

Students in year 9, 10 and 11 have one hour of practical Physical Education per week.

In KS4 core PE students’ Attitude to Learning is assessed on a grade of 1-4.

KS4 Examination PE: OCR Sport Science

Students following the OCR Sport Science course receive two one hour lessons each week in addition to their core PE lesson.

Lessons are a combination of theory work (classroom based) and practical work.

Students will study four units: one externally assessed unit in the form of an examination, mandatory unit in the form of a controlled assessment and two additional optional units which are also assessed through controlled assessments.           

RO41 Mandatory - Externally Assessed Examination

Reducing the risk of sports injuries

RO42 Mandatory - Controlled Assessment

Applying the principles of training

RO43 Optional - Controlled Assessment

The body's response to physical activity

RO44 Optional - Controlled Assessment

Sport Psychology

RO45 Optional - Controlled Assessment

Sport Nutrition

RO46 Optional - Controlled Assessment

Technology in sport





Students will study a L3 BTEC Sport Extended Certificate which is the equivalent to 1 A Level.

Students will study four modules.  Three of which are mandatory modules and the fourth is an optional module selected from practical sport, fitness testing, leadership and sport psychology.

Anatomy and Physiology (Bones, Muscles, Heart and Lungs)

External Exam - Year 12

Fitness Training (Fitness, Health, Diet, Fitness Tests, Methods of Training)

External Exam (Controlled Assessment)  - Year 12

Professional Development in the Sports Industry

Internally Assessed Assessment (Coursework) Externally Verified - Year 13

Optional Module - Practical Sport, Fitness Testing, Leadership or Sport Psychology

Internally Assessed Assessment (Coursework) Externally Verified - Year 13

Who is this course for?

This course is for people contemplating a career in the Leisure and Recreation sector, Coaching, Teaching, Physiotherapy/Sports Therapy or the rapidly expanding Health and Fitness industry.