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Kingsmeadow PE Department strives to develop students’ physical skills and tactical awareness to allow them to use these to perform in a range of physical activities. We also aim to promote a healthy, active lifestyle and give students knowledge and understanding which they can incorporate into lifelong learning.


YEAR 7, 8 AND 9

Students in year 7,8 and 9 have two hours of Physical Education per week.

Practical performance is assessed formally three times a year.  Students are assessed against 3 Domains:- across a variety of sports throughout the year


Domain 1: Outwitting Opponents

Assessing students’ ability to apply a range of tactics across invasion, net and wall and striking and fielding sports in order to successfully outwit an opponent. 


Domain 2: Effects of Exercise and Healthy Living

Assessing students’ ability to articulate the effects of exercise on the body in the short and long term and understand the benefits of leading a healthy active lifestyle.


Domain 3: Performing at Maximal Levels

Assessing students’ ability to recognise effective performances to achieve optimal performance.  Setting personal goals and aiming to improve on these.


Students receive a BDSE (Beginning, Developing, Secure, Excellence) grade after each Key Assessment based on their understanding and performance. An average of all three Key Assessments is given at the end of the year.


During Key Assessment 1, Domain 1 is assessed.

During Key Assessment 2, Domain 1 and 2 are assessed.

During Key Assessment 3, Domain 1, 2 and 3 are assessed.


At the end of the year students receive an overall BDSE grade which comes from the average of their three grades.

In practical lessons students are taught practical skills/techniques, tactics, rules and regulations as well as learning about the importance of warming up, cooling down, the effects of exercise on the body and the importance of leading a healthy active lifestyle. 

Students are encouraged to be aspirational and perform to maximal levels, setting themselves high standards, goal setting and always seeking to to improve and make progress.

YEAR 9, 10 AND 11

Core Physical Education

Students in year 10 and 11 have one hour of practical Physical Education per week.

In KS4 core PE lessons students’ Attitude to Learning is assessed on a grade of 1-4.  This is based on their effort, quality of performance, commitment, organisational skills and being fully equipped for lessons.​

KS4 Examination PE: OCR Sport Studies

Students following the OCR Sport Studies course receive two one hour lessons each week in addition to their core PE lesson.  The course runs for two years.

Lessons are a combination of theory and practical work, the majority of which are classroom based.

Students will study three units over two years: 


  • One externally assessed unit in the form of an examination which will be sat at the end of the second year of the course. (This contributes towards 40% of the final grade).

  • One practical unit which will be assessed in the form of a controlled assessment at the end of the first year of the course.(This contributes towards 40% of the final grade).

  • One theory unit which will be assessed in the form of a controlled assessment in January of the second year of the course. (This contributes towards 20% of the final grade).


R184 - Externally Assessed Examination (Contemporary Issues) Year 2-40%


R185-Performance and Leadership Year 1-40%


R186-Media and Sport Year 2-20%


YEAR 12 AND 13


Students will study a Level 3 BTEC Sport Extended Certificate which is the equivalent to 1 A Level.

Students will study four modules.  Three of which are mandatory modules and the fourth is an optional module selected from practical sport, fitness testing, leadership and sport psychology.

  • Anatomy and Physiology (Bones, Muscles, Heart and Lungs) (External Exam - Year 12)

  • Fitness Training (Fitness, Health, Diet, Fitness Tests, Methods of Training) (External Exam (Controlled Assessment)  - Year 12)

  • Professional Development in the Sports Industry (Internally Assessed Assessment (Coursework) Externally Verified - Year 13)

  • Optional Module - Practical Sport, Fitness Testing, Leadership or Sport Psychology (Internally Assessed Assessment [Coursework] Externally Verified - Year 13)

Post 16 PE
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