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Domenic Volpe - Headteacher

I would like to welcome you to Kingsmeadow School.  I hope you will find all you wish to know about us as a school and a community.  We are a co-educational school, offering a varied curriculum through to Post 16.  


At Kingsmeadow we take pride in ensuring that every aspect of the school’s work and development is focused around our school aims of inspiring minds, opening hearts and transforming lives.  We want all our community to be the best that they can be by challenging them to achieve their full potential.


Our overarching aims are to ensure we have a school that understands and supports the needs and aspirations of all our students and the community that we serve.  We set the very highest expectations for students and staff and we are relentless in striving for the highest possible excellence in academic as well as social standards.  


Kingsmeadow aims to produce lifelong learners, equipped to continue their journey as not only learners and leaders, but more importantly well rounded members of our community.  


The school body works hard to maintain developments and is constantly seeking challenges to develop practice through collaboration with other like minded schools and groups.  The aim is to constantly seek to innovate and improve the offer for students and the local community. While academic success is important, our commitment to our CHARACTER curriculum and our focus on PBL, ensures a platform for developing well equipped, well rounded, knowledgeable citizens of the world community.


The strength of any school lies in the ‘glue’ that holds the school experience together for students, staff and their families.  It is the ethos and value set that sets it apart. Our ‘glue’ at Kingsmeadow are the opportunities and experience that students are exposed to, to aspire to success.  This may be academic, it may be sporting, representing the school in a performance, being part of a club or contributing to the school radio, to name but a few. It is the activity that pulls the other parts of the school experience together.


Kingsmeadow is a community school and at the heart of our community ethos are our three core values that help to underpin our values and support the development of well rounded citizens.  These are Integrity, Respect and Resilience. 


The education that is provided is done so in collaboration with parents and families.  The school building and services are an integral part of this offer and is very much a resource for the community.  The buildings and grounds are maintained to the highest standard and provide an excellent learning environment and workplace for students and staff.  The infrastructure and environment for learning is second to none and supports the exciting and innovative curriculum offered to the community of learners at Kingsmeadow.  


I recommend Kingsmeadow School to you and I hope that this brief outline gives you a sense of the environment, ethos and community of our school.  Should you wish to find out more about us as then do please take the time to look through this website. If you would like to visit us then please do not hesitate to get in contact.  

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