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Every student is expected to act responsibly when using IT in school and to respect others at all times. Kingsmeadow IT should be used exclusively by students to transform their education and to help develop their knowledge and understanding. Students should only use school equipment for school work.

Each student must agree to the school Online Safety Policy and a failure to do so will result in sanctions. Students are reminded of three simple steps that can help them to stay safe online:

  • Zip It – Keep your personal information private and think about what you say or do online.

  • Block It – Block people who send hurtful emails or messages and do not open suspicious emails or attachments. Do not illegal or inappropriate websites.

  • Flag It – Tell someone you trust if someone upsets you online or you see upsetting or harmful content. Tell someone you trust if someone asks to meet you offline.

Students can report anything they are worried about by clicking on our Student Worry Wall.

If students are worried about something and school is closed (school holidays, weekends, after school) there are some useful websites they can access. The ThinkUKnow website has lots of information about both the good and bad parts of the internet and Childline is a free service that lets children talk to someone confidentially if something is worrying them.


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