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Last year, 100% of students who applied to universities secured a place. In recent years, our students have progressed to universities including Newcastle, Northumbria, Leeds, Durham, Sunderland and Edinburgh to begin the next stage in their educational journey. Below are just some of the courses that our students have gone on to study:

  • Medicine

  • Biomedical Science

  • Pharmacology

  • Criminology

  • Law

  • Business and Accounting

  • Early Years Education

  • History and Politics

  • Social Work

  • Nursing

  • Drama College

  • Geography

  • Maths

  • Art

  • Sport science

  • English

  • Journalism

  • Psychology

  • Forensic Science

Our alumni have embarked on careers in journalism, teaching (both in this country and abroad), radiography, social work, law, council planning and much more. We welcome contact from ex-students to update us on their further progress.  

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