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Tuesday 5th December 2023

We are fully aware of the impact that the Go North East bus driver strike had on our community over the last weeks.  Thankfully the bus strike is now behind us.   I know it has been a challenging time and some families resorted to taxis and Ubers over this period. I would like to thank all those families that, regardless of the difficulty, managed to get their children into school during the strike period.



Unfortunately punctuality has become a real concern over the last year, only made worse by the Go North East strike action.  It is crucial that students are in school by 8:40am at the very latest.  They should be fully equipped for the day and ready to begin their first lesson at 8:45am.


Now that the strike is over we will be expecting all students to be in on time each day, ready for their first lesson.  


Thank you in advance for your support with this.



It is important that students maintain regular school attendance, as any absence may interrupt academic progress and may have an effect on maintaining friendships. You should also be aware that regular attendance is a legal requirement.  Under the Education Act 1996, parents and carers have a duty to make sure their children regularly attend school. If parents or carers fail to do this, they can be prosecuted.


Full attendance is expected of all students unless there is a medical reason.  


I would like to remind families that you can find all your child’s school information, reports, etc on the My Child At School App (MCAS).  If you have not registered or need support in accessing this, then please email Mr Whitmore in the school office and he will be able to answer any queries or reissue you with access details.


All general updates will be posted on the school website. That should be your first port of call if you have any queries. If you have questions about anything in this latest Headteacher’s Update, please do not hesitate to contact the school.

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