We are a community school, with an unrelenting focus on raising aspirations for all.


During Lockdown Kingsmeadow school provides continuity of high quality education in the following ways: 


  • Regular direct instruction from teaching teachers, with the ability of students to ask questions online (via Google Classroom) 

  • A commitment to providing five hours of work per day to all students, apart from where an educational need may require a different amount of work for an individual - with an understanding that 5 hours of student work does not mean 5 hours of online contact. A Virtual Timetable has been developed to implement this.

  • The setting of work that students complete with responses (if relevant) submitted electronically 

  • The assessment of specific assignments that are submitted to teachers electronically and on which feedback is provided

  • Supporting students and families in ensuring that they can all access the Remote Learning 


The senior leader with overarching responsibility for the quality and delivery of remote education is Mark Barrett, Deputy Headteacher.


You will find all of the relevant information and support you require here: