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REAL is rigorous, engaging, authentic learning and is our exciting, unique, innovative and ‘award winning’ project based learning curriculum for KS3. REAL is an amalgamation of our humanities subjects, History, Geography and EPRE (ethics, philosophy and religious education) along with increasingly important literacy skills, digital literacy skills and the progressively important SMSC curriculum.  


The aim of our REAL curriculum is to immerse our students in the study of aspects of human society and culture through their participation in at least 3 key projects throughout the year. Each project contains significant content based around a driving question and will incorporate the humanities’ subjects skills and often the reading of a novel, an anthology of stories or biographical text. All of our projects will have an end product which will require our students to present in a variety of forms to an authentic audience. Through this linked, enquiry based, learning approach our students develop their skills in communication, creativity, critical thinking and communication, digital literacy and quality writing.  

As intolerance has no place in the classroom, and indeed our wider community, all schools are required to promote fundamental British values. Our SMSC curriculum encompasses RE and  is weaved into our REAL curriculum just as religion and faith is weaved through the fabric of our society, and has been for many centuries. Our aim is to provide REAL opportunities for our students to experience and learn about the different religious groups within our local community which can help us to enhance and engender a more tolerant society for us all. We will support and encourage our students to develop in our school’s 6 character traits: Respect, Courage, Integrity, Compassion; Quality and Pride so that they leave our school with a tolerance and mutual respect of those of other cultures, faiths and beliefs.