Winter Health Update - February 2020

Some health problems such as asthma, sore throat and cold sores can be triggered and worsened by cold weather. Vomiting and diarrhoea caused by stomach bugs can also be more commonplace and while all such illnesses can be unpleasant, they usually get better in a few days.

Given the high profile of the Coronavirus it is understandable that some parents are concerned about the possibility of their child catching the virus.

Parents should not be unduly concerned about their child catching the virus and there is no reason why your child should not continue to attend school as normal. A UK wide campaign has been launched to provide clear advice on how to slow the spread of Coronavirus. Please help to support the campaign by promoting basic hygiene practices to your children, such as regularly washing hands and always sneezing into a tissue, to stem the spread of viruses.

The latest information and advice about the Coronavirus can be found here.