Update for Parents - 8th June 2020

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Proposed Year 10 and 12 in school support sessions 23 - 26 June 2020

At Kingsmeadow School we have been working hard to make our environments as safe as we can in preparation for the face to face sessions that are planned for Yr 10 and 12 students later this month. We have undertaken a thorough risk assessment which has been written following Government, guidance and with the support of the Local Authority.

We are planning to offer four daily two hour sessions starting on Tuesday 23 June and finishing on Friday 26 June. These will begin at 9:30am for Yr 10 and 10:00am for Yr 12 students.

To ensure we are able to offer a safe environment each day, we must know the exact numbers in attendance. Therefore, if you wish your child to attend a session they must be registered by 2:00pm the previous day so we can ensure we are able to offer appropriate class sizes and staff. Registration will be open from Monday 22 June at 9:00am and will be closed at 2:00pm to allow preparation to take place for the following day. Registration will be via the school website. Students will not be able to attend unless they have been registered in advance.

As pointed out in previous updates, this will not be a return to a full timetable. The sessions will be based on Maths, English, Science, History or Geography and Spanish for Yr 10 and for Yr 12 will be based upon their subjects studied to date. Each of these sessions will be to support and stimulate further working while we are unable to open normally to students. Students will be provided with support to be able to continue their independent study. While each session will be led by a specialist teacher, this may not be your child’s usual subject teacher. It is not possible to offer sessions in all subject areas.

As you will appreciate, Government, Local Authority and Public Health England stipulations about social distancing and hygiene precautions clearly mean that this cannot be a normal classroom experience for the students. Very clear protocols for students to follow while they are on site will be shared on the first morning to ensure all staff and students remain as safe as possible throughout their time on the premises.

There is no planned return for Yrs 7, 8 and 9 before September 2020.

The ongoing support for key workers and vulnerable students is not affected by this and will continue in the current format until further notice.

We need your help to reduce the risk of spreading Covid -19 therefore some key protocols for parents have been devised to support the safety of students and staff.

Arriving on school site

Students will be expected to arrive no more than 5 mins before their allotted time. They should enter the site via the main gates on Market Lane, the Park Terrace Gate will not be open. The side gate by PE will be open with a member of staff to direct students around the outside of the building to the KS3 yard for Yr 10 and KS4 Yard for KS5, where they will be expected to follow social distancing at all times while they are directed to their classrooms for the morning by staff. At the end of the sessions students must follow social distancing protocol while leaving the school site immediately. All rooms will then be sanitised daily.

Travelling to and from school

  • Students should not make the journey to school if they have had symptoms of coronavirus within the last seven days, or if a member of their household has shown symptoms of coronavirus within the last 14 days.

  • Students must maintain the 2 metre social distancing guidelines when travelling to and from school with people with which they have not been self isolating

  • Students should avoid public transport as far as possible.

  • The scholars will not be in service. Only public transport buses will be running.

  • If using public transport, they must wear a facial covering and have the exact fare for their journey

  • If your child is brought into school by private car

  • They can only be in a car with people with whom they have been self isolating

  • Parents and carers must not leave the car - please just drop off and pick up your child, ensuring that they observe social distancing as they leave and enter your car

  • Parents should not enter the building

  • Contact with school can only be by telephone or email during this period

  • School will be closed to visitors until further notice.


  • Students must wash their hands thoroughly, for at least 20 seconds, before leaving the house

  • Students do not have to wear uniform for these sessions

  • It is recommended that any clothes they wear for school are immediately washed upon return, separately from any other washing

  • Students should bring a pack of disposable tissues to school and, where possible, hand sanitiser to supplement their hand washing


  • Students must arrive to school with their own stationery equipment (pen, spare pen, pencil, ruler, calculator) as no stationery will be made available

  • Students will be issued with a new exercise book to use for these sessions

  • This exercise book will not be collected in to mark

  • You should not handle this exercise book

  • Leave any books, handouts and equipment in the students’ bag between sessions and for at least three days following their final session before removing them


  • Any student who deliberately or routinely breaches the student protocols and social distancing guidelines will be asked to leave the school site and will not be allowed to return for any remaining sessions

  • The rest of the behaviour policy remains in place


  • If any student displays any symptoms linked to Covid-19 they will be isolated until an adult from their household can be contacted to collect them.

My primary concern is that staff and students and their families are safe and well and I will be very mindful of not putting anyone at risk. I will continue to monitor the situation closely, taking advice from Gateshead Local Authority as well as Government scientific evidence and guidance. As has been stressed, these planned sessions going ahead will be subject to key criteria being met.

Thank you for your support. Please continue to encourage students, regardless of year group, to engage with the remote learning materials that have been provided. Do not hesitate to get in contact with individual staff if you have any questions or concerns. All updates and resources can be accessed via the school website.