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Sociology students learn from real-life cases - April 2023

Year 10 and 12 sociology / psychology students had an enriching experience during a visit from three magistrates 'justices of peace' on Friday, 21th April. As part of their unit of work on crime and punishment, students were given the opportunity to discuss real-life cases and learn about the workings of the legal system.

The magistrates presented several cases, ranging from minor offenses to more serious crimes. Students were able to ask questions and discuss the cases, gaining a deeper understanding of the legal process and the role of magistrates in the justice system. They were particularly interested in the factors that magistrates consider when deciding on a sentence.

Throughout the session, student behaviour and attitude were excellent. They showed great respect for the magistrates and engaged in thoughtful discussions. Students appreciated the opportunity to learn from real-life cases and were able to apply their knowledge to their unit of work on crime and punishment.

Overall, it was a valuable experience for our students, and we thank the magistrates for taking the time to visit our school. We believe that this session has helped our students to develop a deeper understanding of the legal system and the importance of the role played by magistrates.


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