Parent Protocols - September 2020

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

To ensure the safety of students, staff and the community there will be protocols in place from September that must be followed.  The following are key protocols that I would ask you to ensure are adhered to.


  • Students should not make the journey to school if they have had symptoms of coronavirus within the last ten days, or if a member of their household has shown symptoms of coronavirus within the last 14 days.

  • Students should attempt to maintain the appropriate social distancing guidelines when travelling to and from school with people with whom they have not been self isolating.

  • Students should try and avoid public transport as well as the Scholars bus services wherever possible, and find alternative methods of travel to and from school.

  • The scholars will be running with a reduced number of spaces due to government guidelines. It is advisable to wear facial coverings and have the exact fare for travel.

  • If using public transport, they must wear a face covering and have the exact fare for their journey.

  • If your child is brought into school by private car:

  • No drop offs or pick ups are permitted on school site, other than for Blue Badge holders.

  • Students should only be in a car with people with whom they have been self isolating.

  • Parents and carers must not leave the car. Please just drop off and pick up your child, ensuring that they observe social distancing as they leave and enter your car.

  • Parent/carers should not enter the building.

  • Parent/carer contact with school must be by telephone or email during this period.

  • Parent/carer visits are by appointment only, are only when essential and are with only one parent/carer wherever possible.

  • School will be closed to all visitors until further notice unless invited in by school staff.


  • In line with government guidance, facial coverings are not recommended for use by students within educational settings at this time.

  • Students must wash their hands thoroughly, for at least 20 seconds, before leaving the house.

  • Students should bring a pack of disposable tissues to school and, where possible, hand sanitiser to supplement their hand washing.


  • Uniform must be worn as normal. It has been advised that it does not need to be washed on a daily basis, but more regular washing is advisable.

  • Students must arrive at school with their own stationery equipment (pen, spare pen, pencil, sharpener, eraser, ruler, calculator) as no stationery will be made available.

  • School bags are allowed to carry school equipment.

  • Students will continue to keep their own books and folders, although unnecessary sharing should be avoided.


  • Any student who deliberately or routinely breaches the student protocols will be dealt with as outlined in the behaviour policy. This will be taken extremely seriously.

  • The behaviour policy remains in place.


  • If any student displays any symptoms linked to Covid-19 they will be isolated until an adult from their household can be contacted to collect them.