Music Leaders and Singing Leaders - June 2022

Music Leaders and Singing Leaders have been identified in the Music Department's latest celebration of student progress.

The students have been identified by Miss Tindall and the instrumental/singing staff as those who demonstrate excellent commitment to their instrument/voice, show leadership qualities and are making excellent progress in their specialist area.

The Music and Singing Leaders will not only appear in a special concert later this term, but may also be called upon to help students lower down in the school or with transition projects. They were all awarded with a badge to wear on their uniform.

Music Leaders: Daniel Brown; Tommy Atkinson; Ling Gao; Keira Swanston; Grace Adams; Alice Purcifer; Rebecca Pearce

Singing Leaders: Olivia Kindred; Fearne Smith; Lexi Gardner; Kahlen Doods; Ruby Guilfoyle; Kerry Ashton; Tillie Purvis