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Keeping our students safe travelling to and from school - March 2023

We are working with Gateshead Council and Northumbria Police to address some of the concerns raised relating to illegal, unsafe, and inconsiderate parking around our school.

We have received complaints from residents and parents because of cars parking on the pavement or blocking safe places to cross the road.

Attached to this letter is a reminder of the legal restrictions in place around our school and across the road network. Penalty Charge Notices can be issued to drivers who fail to follow the rules clearly displayed.

Gateshead Council Enforcement Officers carry out patrols of all schools in the borough and there is a camera car which also patrols school sites. Officers will be visiting the school and drivers who are seen to park illegally will be asked to move and where relevant, Penalties will be issued.

Gateshead Council Road Safety have provided a map (attached). It shows some of the places you can’t park as well as places that they would encourage you to avoid parking to keep the space around our school safe for everyone. We know that for some people, driving to school is the only sensible option but, in many cases, there are times when students could walk or cycle to school and we hope you support us by choosing to do this as often as you can.

You will also notice some new helpers we have at the school gates. We hope they will help remind all drivers that stopping on School Keep Clear zig zags is not permitted under any circumstances and that these lines are there to keep our students safe.

Thank you for helping to keep the roads around our school safe for everyone.

Gateshead Council Road Safety, Kingsmeadow School and Dunston Hill Community Primary School.


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