GCSE, BTEC and A-Levels - 21st March 2020

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

As you will be aware, all examinations have been cancelled this year. We now know that the examination boards will be awarding grades based on teacher judgements on what students would have achieved this summer.

This is a system that is sometimes used for a small proportion of students each year who are either too ill to take exams or who miss an element of a final exam due to unavoidable circumstances. Teachers will be asked to predict what final grades students would have achieved if the exam and all its elements had gone ahead as planned. There will be a request for evidence to support these judgements and this may take the form of completed coursework, internal key assessments and previous grades and marks.

Exam boards will then also take into account further data they hold centrally such as SATs, previous national trends and previous school figures etc. We are yet to receive detail of this. All this information from the school and any centrally held data, will then be used to formulate a grade per subject for each student.

We are being told that results will then be made available to students in July to avoid continued uncertainty in these difficult times. There is no exact date as yet when this might be. Rest assured we will share as much detail as possible once we have it about dates, access to results etc.

If any students feel the results are unfair then an appeal system will be available, but as is usually the case, must be supported by the school. There is also some discussion of allowing students, should they wish to do so, to sit an exam series in the autumn term if they wish; in effect a ‘resit’, or possibly in the summer of 2021.

We will then be using these grades, as well as our knowledge of Kingsmeadow students, to offer Sixth form places. Universities will use the grades, as issued in July to offer places but have promised to take the unprecedented situation into account so even if students wish to challenge their grades and resit in the autumn that should not be an issue. If students do insist that they wish to use any resit grades to apply for university or other higher education provider they can only do so by applying for entry in Sept 2021, but you will be able to seek advice from Mr Hood and the rest of the Sixth Form team. UCAS have indicated that they plan to begin clearing in July.

Please remember to get in contact with myself or any member of staff at any time by email if you have concerns. Although the school is closed to the vast majority of students and is not running normally, staff will continue to support students remotely during the remaining school year.

Domenic Volpe