GCHQ Languages Competition - 20th July 2022

A selected group of more able Year 9 linguists have been participating in the trial of a new Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) platform.

The platform has offered students a preview into solving the seemingly impossible which is part and parcel of GCHQ's work to keep the country safe.

Students have been working in teams of four to crack complex language puzzles, all with the aim of inspiring language learning by making languages fun.

Here’s what the students thought:

"It was a difficult challenge as it made me think about different languages and how to decode them." - Rebecca Pearce

"It is a good challenge because it includes puzzles and different languages to make you think." - Vanessa Maciejewska

"It makes you think as there are many abstract challenges that you wouldn't see every day." - Daisy Dodds

"It's good for developing teamwork, it demonstrates different skills compared to regular learning." - Lili-Rae Snowball