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Army Careers Day - Thursday 30th March

Some of our year 10 students were recently given the opportunity to visit Albemarle Barracks for an army careers event. With an hour-long PT session in the morning, followed by a rotation of four hands-on events, our students proved to be enthusiastic, attentive and incredibly quick learners. They excelled in every activity.

The event began with an intense physical training session, led by experienced army personnel. The students participated with high energy and determination, showing their athletic abilities and commitment to the challenge.

After the PT session the students moved on to a series of four exciting and informative events. The first event involved learning about the seven different sections of the army, including their roles and responsibilities. The students eagerly listened to the speakers and asked insightful questions, demonstrating a genuine interest in learning about the army.

Next up was a problem-solving task, where the students had to work together in teams to complete a challenging obstacle course. The teams showed exceptional teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills, working together to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.

The third event involved conducting military observation whilst on exercise, where students had to demonstrate their observation skills and identify areas of risk and danger. The students were thoroughly engaged and asked many questions, eager to learn from the professionals.

Finally, the students were tasked with building a real military bridge, using the skills and knowledge they had learned throughout the day. The students worked with determination and precision, impressing the army personnel with their focus and attention to detail. They even managed to save the injured soldier 'Steve' who was a lifesize rescue dummy used to demonstrate how to evacuate from hostile environments.

Throughout the day, the students demonstrated an excellent attitude, showing respect and enthusiasm for the army personnel and their work. They embraced the challenges with open minds, working hard to develop new skills and knowledge.

The success and positive attitude of our students during the army careers event at Albemarle Barracks is a testament to their dedication and commitment to learning. We are incredibly proud of our students and their achievements, and we look forward to seeing them excel in their future endeavors.

Thank you to Mrs Bell for organising the event and both Mr Thompson and Miss Kikuchi for supporting the event.


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