What you will study?

Examined Units:

Democracy and Nazism: Germany 1918-1945

The Tudors: England 1485 - 1603


Historical Investigation:

A personal study of one hundred years of Black Civil Rights.   3000 - 3500 words


What are the key skills that you will develop?

A-level history builds upon your existing knowledge gained at GCSE, giving you a sound understanding of historical principles. The emphasis of the A-level history course is on historical knowledge and the skills required for historical research, with students gaining knowledge in cause and effect, continuity and change, similarity and differences and the use of historical evidence as part of your study.


Key skills include:

  • Critical thinking

  • Analysis

  • Independent study

  • Transferable skills

  • Research

  • Extended writing

How will you be assessed?

Year 12 - 2 external exams.

Year 13 - 2  external exams and one externally marked historical investigation.

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