YEAR 7, 8 AND 9


Our BAWV curriculum in years 7 and 8 is delivered through our REAL lessons which are an innovative and exciting project based learning approach to humanities. Please see more about our REAL curriculum by looking at the discreet REAL curriculum page. In REAL we build students' capacity to think, speak and write by ensuring we provide opportunities for our students to become immersed in religious and non-religious events and then to scrutinise them carefully through analysis and evaluation.


In year 9, our students all study Beliefs and World Views as a discrete subject. 

As intolerance has no place in the classroom, and indeed our wider community, all schools are required to promote fundamental British values. Our BAWV curriculum encompasses the study of religious and non-religious views on many important issues that go on in the world today and is weaved into a Project-Based Learning approach just as religion and faith is weaved through the fabric of our society, and has been for many centuries. Our aim is to provide opportunities for our students to experience and learn about the different religious and non-religious views in the world today which can help us to enhance and engender a more tolerant society for us all. We support and encourage our students in the further development of our school’s 6 character traits: Respect, Courage, Integrity, Compassion; Quality and Pride so that they leave our school with a tolerance and mutual respect of those of other cultures, faiths and beliefs. Our BAWV curriculum lays some of the foundations for further essential Character Learning in the form of Citizenship in year 11.



YEAR 10 AND 11


Students who choose to study GCSE Religious Studies as an option at Kingsmeadow follow the  Wjec EDUQAS 9-1 course, Route A.

 The course is made up of the following components:

  • Component 1 - Studies in philosophical and ethical studies in the modern world.

  • Component 2 - Study of Christianity -   Beliefs and teachings, Christian Practices

  • Component 3 - Study of Islam -   Beliefs and teachings, Muslim Practices


GCSE RS is 100% external examination which is examined in the summer of year 11.  The skills assessed build on the work covered through REAL in years 7 and 8 and include:

  • A01 - Demonstrating knowledge and understanding of religion and belief, the influences on individuals, communities and societies, similarities and differences within and/or between religions and beliefs.

  • A02 - Explain, analyse and evaluate aspects of religion and belief including their significance and influence.

  • Use sources of wisdom and authority from sacred texts/key religious figures to support arguments that are being made.

  • Analyse, evaluate and make substantiated judgements about interpretations (including how and why interpretations may differ) in the context of religion and belief.

Praying Together