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Aspire Tuesday is all about learning new skills, working with new people, discovering new interests and having a fun time. Aspire Tuesday activities take place every Tuesday afternoon from 1.55pm until 2.45pm and students have the opportunity to try a new, different and exciting activity each week.

Aspire Tuesday is compulsory for all of our Year 7 students and each student takes part in each of the activities available every half-term. Activities change on a weekly basis, so students learn a variety of new skills throughout each half-term. Bonus activities are also available to take part in on a regular basis and students can choose to take part in these as and when they are made available. Scholars buses are available from 2:45pm to take these students home as usual.

Students who are not taking part in Aspire Tuesday but wish to stay in school can work in our Learning Zone from 1:55;pm until 2:45pm. All other students must make their way home after school at 1:55pm.

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